Common advise for people to pick on to your 10 figures during stroke is CORRECT ONLY if it is simple stroke without bleeding. If the patients brain has hemorrhage (bleeding), you cannot pick and give pain to the patient which can push Qi into the brain and cause severe bleeding.

TCM means activates Qi into the brain directly through the 10 figure tip. For a TCM doctor, if diagnose as possible hemorrhage, then the TCM doctor can draw away Qi from the brain by acupuncture which is not advise for any person to simply do. This need years of proper training and gaining experience from their master and teacher.

“You should always get to the nearest hospital before trying to be your own doctor”.

On the other hand, you can put a bag of ice into a plastic bag on top of the patient’s head or if there is a painful part. All depends if you are nearer to a reputable TCM doctor, then you can choose to let the TCM doctor to do quick acupuncture before sending to hospital for scanning and treatment.

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