Stroke Treatment Centre there are many in KL and all are effective to their own advantage.

Thetole have in Treatment Stroke in KL for about 200 years as at 2020. Thetole Treatment on Stroke trough Thetole’s Acupuncture Neuro Acupuncture, Herbs and dieting. These have been widely used in KL by many others too.

Thetole’s Acupuncture Neuro Acupuncture is through needling the top of the head to get into the brain cells tole actives the neurons of the brain cells to repair those injured and damaged brain cells. Therefore resulting in recovery effects.

Herbal Formula are inherited from generations of TCM practice and tailor made to suite each individual case and time. These are the normal way TCM adjusting to each case for each time and conditions. Of course these should be done correctly trough letting our physician check 1st, or any other TCM physician.

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