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Stroke True Case Study 1 : Multiple Stroke and coma Neuro acupuncture treatment

Name : Christine.
Sex : Female
Age : 58.

Complain :

Her families complain that she has multiple infract (multiple stroke within 3 weeks). Now she was hospitalized because she was in coma and her families just can see their daughter / sister lying on the bed without any action, speak or laughing. She just like a dead vegetable on the bed. She was in his brother private hospital in Jalan Ipoh. His brother, Dr R. knows about Master from one of his colleague and he also heard that Master is the top successful traditional doctors in Malaysia, Master in neuro acupuncture and Top Chinese Physician. He agreed to request for Master’s help and ask him to do neuro acupuncture treatment to his sister in his hospital.

After make an appointment, they meet Master at The Tole and tell him about Christine’s condition before and after she was coma and saw the MRI. Master understand and told them not to worry and he can bring Christine out of coma within 1 day till 1 months. The next day his brother brings Master to the hospital where Christine was in coma. All doctors and nurses were surprised to see and meet Master, the Great Famous Chinese physician.

After see her condition, Master will do brain and body neuro acupuncture treatment to get her up from coma and make her brain more functioning. For first time applying neuro acupuncture, nothing happen to her but neuro acupuncture will keep the “Qi” in the brain balance and strengthen it back as before.

She still continues THE TOLE’S Neuro acupuncture treatment and after 3 days of neuro acupuncture treatment,she gain back 100% conscious. She totally conscious and can even crack jokes for us. She is no longer like before just lying down on the bed and don’t know yet what will happen to her. Now, she is very happy and appreciate more to her life. She doesn’t waste her time and spend more her lifetime with her families. She satisfied on what has Master done on her.

Her families, friend, doctors, nurses and patients in hospital were very amazing with what has happen to her. They said that Master has done a magic show to her. Everybody were happy on her so as she.

THE TOLE’S NEURO Brain acupunctures treatment is to help the “Qi” flow and activated also her left eye and left ear and the blockage in her brain. Some doing neuro acupuncture to strengthen and treats his/her basic sickness by regenerating his/her organ and “Qi” in the body. Automatically its will eliminates his/her sickness and get stronger than before.

Stroke True Case Study 2 – Acupuncture treatment and Herbal Medicine Treatment

Mr Teoh, Age 52 (1995)

Mr Teoh suffered from stroke which paralysed the right side of his body. He was still recovering from the stroke when he fell and injured his head, resulting in another blood dot that was inoperable because of his weak condition.

He was under a lot of medication (about 10-12 tablets per day). He also had high blood pressure and diabetes. His son consulted Master about acupuncture treatment; on whether it will be suitable in his condition. Since he can’t bring his father yet; master gave him some brain powder medicine herbs after going through his medical reports.

He was given the medicine herbs twice a day. After taking the medicine herbs for about 5 days, he showed a lot of improvements. He could move his fingers and toes. He felt stronger, his speech much improved. Apart from the brain powder medicine herbs, he was also given herbal medicine, two packets per day.

A week later, he was discharged from the hospital; was brought to our centre for acupuncture treatment. Master advised him to do intensive acupuncture treatment; three times a day. He came daily, after two weeks of treatment; he could walk with assistance, his blood pressure and glucose level stable. Slowly he could get up on his own, his right arm and leg become stronger.

His son was very happy and continued the treatment until his father recovered.

Stroke True Case Study 3 – Acupuncture treatment and Herbal Medicine Treatment

Chen K. S. (Male, 62 years old)

Uncle Chen was diagnosed with stroke on the left side of his body. His left arm was paralysed with no feeling at all. His vision was affected as well. He had trouble focusing on objects and distances. Often he would miscalculate the location of objects around the house like tables or chairs and end up bumping into them; injuring himself.

He developed short term memory loss. It was difficult for him to recall events dates or people. His speech was slurred and he had difficulties in pronouncing words and forming sentences.

He came for intensive acupuncture treatment daily with herbal medicine. After two months, his vision improved about 70%, He can actually walk to our acupuncture clinic alone without bumping into cars parked by the roadside. His left arm which he can move but no grip yet.

His walk was steadier and stronger. After another month of acupuncture treatment, his arm was stronger and he can close and open his fingers. His grip was not strong yet but he can hold things now. He can eat himself since he can hold a spoon.

After doing continuous acupuncture treatment for another few months where he come three times a week for acupuncture treatment; he was strong enough to drive. His hand was almost back to normal.

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