What is Nerve Pain?

Nerve Pain is not only involve in the body such as the hands and feet. It causes numbness, no strength to move and sometimes painful prick poked. Nerve pain can also cause patients to experience difficulty breathing, digestive problems, and vision and hearing problems. What is more worrying it could lead to depression, lack of energy and fatigue on patients themselves.

The spinal cord is the largest nerve in the human body and is part of the nervous system. It is formed by many nerve fibers. Nerve fiber function is carrying messages between the brain and all parts of the body. This includes body’s movement, sensory (such as heat, cold or pain) and it also controls involuntary activities of the body such as blood pressure, body temperature and sweating. It acts as an intermediary between the brain and the body including all the body parts.

Three types of nerve pain:

  • Allodynia
    Allodynia is a kind of nerve pain where it left an impression with just a touch and pain stimuli. For example, the patient will feel pain just by touching only slightly in advance at the face.
  • Hyperalgesia
    This type of nerve pain is usually the patient will feel severe pain on an infected area if there is just a touch.
  • Paraesthesia
    This type of nerve pain, the patient will fell pain like electric shock when there is nothing touch the body.
What are the Nerve Pain Causes?

The most common causes of nerve pain are:

  • Nerve pain can be caused from nerve damage whether due to illness or injury such as a severe burn injuries.
  • Older people more susceptible to nerve pain due to bone density and heart and lung capacity to serve the weak.
  • Corticosteroid use and consumption of too much alcohol also cause muscle disorders and nerve pain.
  • The main causes of nerve pain is weakness that only effect one side of the body also called as stroke.
  • Nerve pain can also be caused by the high pressure on the spinal cord.
The Tole’s Way of Medication – Nerve Pain Herbal Herbs Medicine and Nerve Pain Acupuncture Treatment

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