Brain Injury Herbal Treatment and Acupuncture Treatment

Brain Injury

Brain injury can occur from:

  • Direct strong crash.
  • Indirect strong crash.

Common head injuries are minor injuries. But, severe head injury can result in:

  • When there is bleeding in the brain.
  • Swelling of brain tissue.
  • Severe brain damage.

Severe head injury can result in permanent neurological damage and death. Head injuries can also be associated with other injury to the body, especially the neck.

Who is at high risk head injury?

Motorcyclists and pillion riders are the most at risk of head injury.

Other high-risk group is:

  • Road users
  • Construction workers
  • Member of combat sports and outdoor activities
Head Injury Symptoms

Patients who suffer from head injury may show signs / symptoms like:

  • Involved in trauma.
  • Swelling or sores on the scalp.
  • Pain and headaches.
  • Blurred of view.
  • Vomiting.
  • Memory loss.
  • Seizures.
  • Decreased level of consciousness / fainting.
How can I help someone who is injured?

Anyone who is suspected to have suffered a head injury must be taken immediately to the hospital / clinic.

At the scene, move the victim to a safer area. Lift the victim carefully to avoid injury worse. If the patient is unconscious, assume the victim suffered injuries in the neck. Use or tied to a hard winter. When lifted, use ‘splint’ to prevent movement of the injured body part. Emergency treatment may be necessary. Perform first aid while waiting for trained personnel arrived.

What other problems that occur as a result of a head injury?

The effect of head injuries depending on the severity of the injuries suffered. For the concussion of the brain (unconscious in a short period after the occurrence of head injury), most patients recover fully after a few hours or days.

For such severe head injury involving bleeding in the brain, the patient may recover suffered permanent disability, and even death may occur.

How can I prevent head injuries?

Head injuries can be prevented by avoiding involved in an accident and injury.

  1. Avoid injury from road accidents:
    • Always use safety equipment when riding or driving (e.g: Motorcycles – wear a helmet properly, Cars – always fasten the seat-belt)
    • Always follow the rules of the road for the safety of all.
  2. Avoid injury for construction workers:
    • Always wear a helmet while on the construction site.
    • Always comply with safety laws at construction sites.
The Tole’s Way of Medication – Head Injuries Herbal Herbs Medicine and Head Injuries Acupuncture Treatment

Head Injuries Treatment: Head injuries can be treated with THE TOLE’s neuro acupuncture Head injuries treatment and Head injuries herbal medicine. For the recovery time, it’s all depend on how long and how severe the problem is.  You can also order our Head injuries herbs medicine through the net and we will courier the Head injuries herbs medicine to you.

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