2 pills daily to boost your lungs immune system against covid very effective.

If tested positive or high chance of positive then 4 pills x 2 daily.

If difficult in breathing 4 pills x 3 daily.

The herbs is to dissolves phlegm, upgrade lungs QI system, boost lungs immune system, strengthen kidney, liver and defence system.



1. Should not drink cold water, over night drinks and food.
– All liquid and food must be cooked same day and taken warm.

2. Keep warm, away from chill area, air conditioner, direct fan are not advise.
– Must try to ware more cloths to promote SWEAT is very IMPORTANT.
– If the room is too warm then can only use stand fan for air circulation.

3. TEA is okay to drink, must be hot.

4. Porridge is advise to be taken hot daily, other food are discourage, these are very IMPORTANT.

5. COVID ADVISE / For those who have other medical conditions before covid can feel free to apps us for further advise.

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Stay safe, stay hygienic and stay calm.


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