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Common advise for people to pick on to your 10 figures during stroke is CORRECT ONLY if it is simple stroke without bleeding. If the patients brain has hemorrhage (bleeding), you cannot pick and give pain to the patient which can push Qi into the brain and cause severe bleeding. TCM means activates Qi into […]


The recovery could and possible to be in few days if they can manage to come the same day. Otherwise, it may take much longer after that same day is over. Because of the longer the brain cells got damage, the longer it can take for it to recover and the other brain cells that […]


What is Brain Hemorrhage? Brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke. In many opinion, surgery is the only way to treat brain hemorrhage. However, not all brain hemorrhage can be treated by this way. It’s all depends on size, location, types and the patient’s level of consciousness. If the bleeding only cause by disturbances in […]