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The liver is the largest internal organ in our body, it functions to dismantle and store most of the nutrients absorbed by the intestine for the body’s needs. Some nutrients need to be changed in the liver before they can be used as energy or to build and repair body tissues. The liver needs to […]


Cancer, also known as neoplasm, is a non-specific term but is often used to describe a collection of dense or fluid abnormal tissue. There are types of cancer that are bad (usually cured), semi-malignant (pre-cancerous) or malignant (cause cancer). There is benign or malignant cancer. Although different from malignant cancers, benign can also cause serious […]


Cancer is a type of disease associated with replication and cell response in the body. Usually, these cells will increase (replication) according to their rules to enable body growth and recovery after injury. However, sometimes these cells increase abnormally causing abnormal tumors or also known as tumors. Treatment of cancer is dependent on the type […]