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Liver is know to TCM as the wood organ belongs to emotion and mood. Also associate with tendeons and nerves condition. Well also associated with you two eyes and the powder and condition of your eye sight. TCM Liver also closely related with your hormones conditions and tiredness if your Liver is not rested enough, […]


Cancer Herbs have been around for more then thousands of years. Many TCM practitioner have even gone into herbal cultivation and farming to get the best medical result for cancer fighting without chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The Tole have started our own herbal farming to try to achieve the highest medical effects to fight cancer cells. […]

AUTISM KL – Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a type of disease associated with replication and cell response in the body. Usually, these cells will increase (replication) according to their rules to enable body growth and recovery after injury. However, sometimes these cells increase abnormally causing abnormal tumors or also known as tumors. Treatment of cancer is dependent on the type […]