TheTole Merchant E-wallet

How to Apply Online Payment Gateway Malaysia – TheTole Are you excited to get into online business? But don’t know where and how to start? TheTole story Before we were getting into online, our oversea patients have to transfer money using TeleTransfer (their bank to our bank in Malaysia). This procedure takes a week to […]

Do Not Throw Your Phone Until You Get The New Huawei Operating System

CEO of Huawei’s announced that could be ready to replace android by company’s own operating system for smartphones, computer, tablets, televisions and smart wearable devices as soon as autumn of this year. Huawei has developed its own operating system under the name “Hongmeng”, sounds like Dato’ Leong Hong Tole brother’s name. Huawei may already have […]

AUTISM KL – Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture is done by inserting thin needles into specific points on the body. You will not feel pain when the thin needles are applied to your body. The needles are inserted in the skin can stimulate the energy distribution along specific points on the body. Some studies have shown that acupuncture can help treat the […]

AUTISM KL – Fertility KL

Acupuncture treatments involve penetration of the skin with needles to stimulate specific points on the body. It is one of the key elements in TCM and is widely accepted as a side-health approach. Stimulating certain acupuncture points can correct the imbalance of qi flow through a channel known as a meridian. Fertility herbs acupuncture treatment […]

AUTISM KL – Fertility Treatment

Acupuncture therapy helps infertility problems in women, which are caused by reproductive system functions disorders, such as hormonal imbalance. Using a combination of herbs and acupuncture treatments, it helps in increasing fertility, increasing the chances of pregnancy either naturally or through fertility treatments. The main objective of acupuncture and herbal extraction is to enhance the […]

AUTISM KL – Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a type of disease associated with replication and cell response in the body. Usually, these cells will increase (replication) according to their rules to enable body growth and recovery after injury. However, sometimes these cells increase abnormally causing abnormal tumors or also known as tumors. Treatment of cancer is dependent on the type […]

AUTISM KL – Pimples Treatment

Pimples problem is not just limited to teen but it can also happen when you are in the 30’s and above. Some studies show that people with pimples usually have some level of abdominal acid. Thus, experts suggest to use herbs for stimulating the digestive function including gastric acid production which is useful and essential […]

AUTISM KL – Treatment Centre Malaysia

Acupuncture is a treatment method that uses fine needles to puncture on the point of the body, known as ‘acupuncture points’. It is used to influence the physiological functioning of the body. According to some people, acupuncture is the best technique to treat and to prevent diseases. This is because acupuncture is the oldest healing […]

AUTISM KL – Stroke Treatment

Panic and do not know what to do! That’s the reaction if any of your family members are suddenly attacked by a stroke. Stroke patients cannot move or manage themselves. Therefore, emotional support and support from family, friends and health workers is important as it can help with the recovery process of stroke patients. Additionally, […]

EAR PAIN – Acupuncture Herbal Center

Ear pain can be caused by various health problems, one of which is ear infection. Ear pain can also be a sign of inflammation or a build-up of fluid in any part of the ear. Ear pain is usually caused by either the outer ear (from ear lobes to ear eardrum). It can be caused […]

THE TOLE HOMESTAY – For Various Type of Chronic Diseases

Whenever we seek treatment, we often think of the distance to the treatment site. With The Tole Acupuncture, you no longer need to worry. This is because we provide home stay at a very reasonable price. The home stay is very comfortable for both the patient and the people who will be staying with them. […]

TENDON RUPTURE – Herbs Acupuncture Centre

A tendon is the fibrous connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone in the human body. Tendons may also attach muscles to structures such as the eyeball and tendon serves to move the bone or structure. A ligament is connective tissues that connects bone to bone and give support to your joins and limit their […]


Eczema is a nonspecific term for many types of skin inflammation (dermatitis). There are different categories of eczema, which include allergic, contract, irritant and nummular eczema, which can be difficult to distinguish from atopic dermatitis. There are several different types of eczema that you should know about: Atopic dermatitis Contact dermatitis Dyshidrotic eczema Nummular eczema […]


Stasis dermatitis is also called venous eczema, dermatitis and venous stasis dermatitis; and it commonly occurs on the swollen lower legs of people who have poor circulation in the veins of the legs. Symptoms of stasis dermatitis include: Swelling around the ankles Redness Scaling Itching Pain And in more severe cases: Oozing Open areas (cracking […]


Seborrheic simply means that the rash appears in those areas of the skin that are a lot of oil-producing (sebaceous) glands like the upper back, nose and scalp. In infants, in can produce a weepy, can be quite extensive and oozy rash behind the ears, involving the entire body. Common symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis include: […]


Dyshidrotic eczema causes small blisters to appear on a person’s hands or feet. These blisters are often itchy and can be painful. Symptoms of dyshidrotic eczema include: – small blisters on the palms or side of the fingers – small blisters on the soles of the feet – an itching or burning feeling around the […]

Contact Dermatitis Herbs Acupuncture Centre

Allergic Contact Dermatitis occurs when the skin has an allergic reaction after exposed to foreign material. This causes the body to release chemical inflammation which can make the skin bear itching and annoying. The Allergic Contact Dermatitis Symptoms are: Rash Itching Dry skin Swelling Scaly skin Oozing blister Skin that burns After some times of […]

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP)

There are several types of illness that can cause a person to experience movement disorders other than Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). Among them are ataxia, dystonia, essential tremor, huntington disease, multiple system atrophy (MSA), myoclonus and parkinson’s disease. PSP occurs due to the occurrence of cell decline in the part of the brain that controls […]