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In TheTole’s way of medication, hair loss can be due to several causes. One of the main common cause is stress. We will advise the patient to take a proper care of their stress level and undergo hair loss acupuncture treatment. By doing the hair loss acupuncture, it will soothing the liver, calming the system […]

Hair Loss Treatment

Want to find out how to cure hair loss with herbs? Thetole neuro acupuncture for hair loss problem can be done 1 to 2 times per week. Additional to neuro acupuncture, herbal medicine also should be take by the patients. There are 3 types of herbal medicine for hair loss problem provided by us: Dry […]

TheTole’s Hair Herbs

Want to find out how to cure hair with herbs? Thetole’s Hair Herbs are mainly from China and some of them from our own small farm (garden) that without chemicals. They are grown in our own garden with natural fertilizer and carefully grown by a huge lake. Thus, these herbs are natural and gentle with […]