The Tole Ginseng Creatinine


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All natural herbs from roots, trees, flowers and leaves.

This herb is to help improve kidney function, strengthen Kidney’s Qi and kidney detox.


-If Creatinine reading is below 1000, consume 3  tablets each time and 3 times daily. Meaning 1 day takes 9 tablets.
-If Creatinine reading is over 1000, consume 4 tablets each time for 3 times daily
-If Creatinine reading is over 1500, consume 4 tablets each time for 4 times daily

Order at least for 2 to 4 weeks quantity. Example 14 days = 14 x 9 tablets = 126 tablets for 2 weeks.

Severe symptoms, please contact us.

We are known for treating patient according to their health conditions and tailor made herbs. Our GrandMaster Dato Tole will prescribe it.
If you would like to made your herbs, please contact us and give us the details:
1) How long has it been (illness)?
2) How severe it is and please describe.
3) What are the other complains, discomforts or concerns?
4) Any other health issues?
5) Any medical history and family medical history?
6) You may send pictures of the tongue (tongue diagnosis) and any area that is related. Please provide with good lighting.
You can send all of them through our WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
*Please tell us in details, so we can help you. You can write your stories too 🙂


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