About Us

200 years in China Town and moved to Menara KH(Promet) the Golden Triangle of KL in 1993

The Tole Acupuncture Herbal Medical Centre has the generations(4th Generation in Malaysia and 25 Generations since from China) of knowledge in Chronic diseases and the common illnesses. In here, we treat patient with the most natural ways which are acupuncture, herbal medicine, follow our food diet advice, minimize the stress and etc.

We always focus on the core or cause of the difficulties, illness, and diseases rather than just the symptoms. Therefore we need to understand your health conditions, daily activities, their thoughts, environment and etc.

All herbs, herbal tea and herbal soup are prescribed by Dato’ Leong(4th Generations in the family of Acupuncturists). To get more suitable and precise type of herb, please do not hesitate to contact us through email, Whatsapp or Facebook Message.

To get the best prescription of herbs and help from us, we need you to explain and describe your health conditions, illness, disease, symptoms, how do you feel since the beginning of the problem or since young, health history, what are your difficulties throughout some period of time, what are your major and minor concerns, what are your favourite foods and drinks, what had you eaten during the period of illness, what are your daily activities, what are your job tasks, pictures of your face, tongue, and related areas.

For more information please visit our main website www.thetole.org.