Ramsay-Hunt syndrome is an inflammation of the facial nerve near the ear as a result of complications from herpes zoster or smallpox. Ramsay-Hunt syndrome is more common in adults.

Ramsay-Hunt syndrome is also called herpes zoster oticus. This condition is rare, but can cause facial paralysis and hearing loss on the affected side. If not treated immediately, Ramsay-Hunt syndrome can lead to facial muscle deformities and permanent deafness.

Causes of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Chickenpox is a disease characterized by symptoms of red rashes all over the body. This fluid -filled rash causes itching and is accompanied by additional symptoms such as fever, headache, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

Chickenpox generally infects children, while herpes zoster generally affects adults. Like chickenpox, herpes zoster causes a reddish rash. But the difference is, this rash can cause swelling and develop into crusty blisters.

The symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome appear because the Varicella zoster virus actively attacks the facial nerve near the inner ear. As a result, the nerves in the area become irritated and swollen.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome can be experienced by people who have had chickenpox or smallpox. Because after a person suffers from smallpox, the varicella zoster virus will not disappear but only sleeps in the nerves. When the immune system is weak, the virus can reactivate and cause Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Symptoms of Ramsay Hunt

When the nerves around the face are disturbed, people with Ramsay Hunt syndrome will experience several symptoms, including:

  • Rash on the inside of the ear to the palate of the mouth.

  • Lateral hearing loss

  • Vertigo

  • Some faces are paralyzed

The paralyzed facial muscles will feel stiff and difficult to move so that people with Ramsay Hunt syndrome find it difficult to smile, frown, or even close their eyes. And in some cases it can also make the sufferer have difficulty speaking.


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