Do you have difficulty in urinating? Frequent urge to urinate? Experience a burning sensation when you urinate? OR have pain in the lower back between the genitals and anus or pain in the tip of the penis and urethra?

If you do have some of these symptoms, you could possibly be suffering from Prostatitis. According to TCM, there could possibly be a chi blockage at the pelvic region hence causing the symptoms above.

In order to remove the chi blockage at the lower pelvic region, we at THETOLE rely on an ancestral herbal medication which was inherited 4 generations ago. Dubbed the Prostatitis Herbal Formula, it comprises of natural dried herbs whereby one will need to boil and drink the herbal juice on a daily basis. Based on our prostatitis patients’ feedback, the recovery time ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month based on the severity of their sickness. Nevertheless, it will actually take a day or two before one can actually feel the gradual reduction in pain. Furthermore, this concoction of herbal medicated tea also helps to improve and strengthen the chi circulation of the reproductive organs.

Lastly, another important point to note is that before we actually prescribe the herbal concoction to our patients, it is very important that we understand his or her current body condition. The body condition differs individually although both may be suffering from prostatitis. Hence, a patient will need to visit our medical centre personally to get his pulse read by our panel of Chinese physicians or they will need to fill in a lengthy questionnaire in order for us to get  a better understanding of them. Therefore, it is also right to say that we do actually custom-make the herbal concoction that is suitable for your body type.

So if you are suffering from prostatitis, do not wait otherwise the situation may be aggravated.

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