New Covid-19 Variant

New covid-19 variants act in a very aggressive manner in the direction of heating into the lungs. The lungs cannot stand too much heat produce by the virus-triggered immune system. Critical condition happens.

Thetole’s concept – What is the meaning of too heaty as a result of your immune system acting to drive out these new covid-19 variants. Your immune system’s defense against these viruses as a result producing too much heat that damage and scars the lungs.


Covid-19 Heat

Covid-19 Heat – When your lungs are too heaty it will cause internal bleeding and blood clots and many life-threatening conditions. This heat must be controlled way before it turns your body system into bleeding. Therefore please try to drink water at regular intervals as not too much in one go. Hot water is preferred, otherwise, any fluid can help. Food-wise it should be more on soup base and preferred cooked the same day (meaning no over night food).


Covid-19 Herbs – Covid-19 Treatment : How to treat Covid-19 TCM way.

Covid-19 Herbs are helping in expelling the covid-19 virus as well as cooling the lungs and resolving phlegm and ease blockages. The herbs cool down the lungs as well as the stomach and kidney, it also balances up the immune system and platelets and smoothens the lymphatic system energy flow. The fever should go away and the cough, phlegm goes down.

Hope these are useful for all our Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician. We do provide sending herbs. For groups or individual and critical conditions even incubation period.



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