Hormonal Disorders

A person who suffers from hormonal disorders, it will affect the endocrine system together with the released hormones. The effects of hormonal disorders can manifest in several places. Hormone levels decrease with age and some are not, due to hormone receptors become less active and this will cause certain changes to the body. However, if by substituting hormone deficiency is not possible to cure the problem but may be more harmful to health. To treat hormonal disorders is not an easy task. Endocrine glands that produce hormones, but there are certain parts of the body such as the kidney or the placenta can also release hormones along with the endocrine system. Some glands in the body unable to produce the hormones but also other materials such as glands in the body unable to produce the hormones but also other materials such as salivary glands and sweat glands.

Hormonal Disorder Characteristics in Women

Hormone disorder is a very common problem. This happens because of the lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns. Although seemed simple, hormone disorder can interfere with your health. And in the long term, the lack of female hormone can cause infertility. The following are characteristics of hormone disorder in women:

  1. Hot flashes
    • Hot flashes are symptom of menopause which is characterized by a burning sensation in the body for two to 30 minutes. The face becomes red and hot to the touch. This is due to hormonal changes, so that the blood vessels dilate and the heart rate increased.
  2. Sudden weight gain
    • If you do not eat too much and exercise regularly, but your weight increases, it can be caused by hormone disorder.
  3. Irregular menstruation
    • Menstrual cycle depends on monthly changes in female hormones. So, if there are hormonal changes in the body, then your periods will become erratic. You may have missed a period or even experiencing heavy bleeding due to hormonal activity.
  4. Sweat
    • Hormones play a role to make you feel very hot. When the hormones start to change, you will sweat more and feel tired.
  5. Irritability
    • When starting hormone disorder, you can become irritable and depressed.
  6. Low sexual libido
    • Hormonal disorder obviously affect your libido. If your sexual arousal did not decrease as usual, it could be your hormones are messed up.
  7. Infertility
    • If you are trying to conceive for some time but have not got a baby, then you should investigate whether you are suffering from hormonal disorder.
  8. Hair loss
    • one of the hair growth caused by hormones. If you have high hormone levels, your hair growth will be faster and thicker. But during the hormones out of balance, you may lose a lot of hair.
  9. Vaginal dryness
    • Usually the surface of your vagina remain wet and especially on your fertile period. But if you suddenly realize that vaginal dryness and itching, it could be due to the effect of low levels of the hormone.
  10. Careless
    • When experiencing hormone disorder, active memory in your brain will fail. Therefore, you become forgetful and careless.
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