This Haze Severe Asthma Herbal Tea is made for people with severe asthma during this hazy weather to strengthen the lungs and increase the Qi flow while excreting the Haze Particles from the lungs.

This herbal tea must be consumed 1 packet/day and suitable for 1 person dosage only. It is recommended to take the herbal tea at least 1 week. You can still continue taking it even there is no more haze.

To make this herbal tea, you just only need to dunk the herbal sachet into hot water in a flask bottle and drink it throughout the day. So easy! You can get it from here: http://thetole.org/Shop/product/haze-severe-asthma-tea/

If you have any question or want to customize to your health conditions, please fell free to contact TheTole through Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

If you do not have asthma condition, please order from this link: http://thetole.org/Shop/product/haze-tea/
If you have Mild Asthma condition, please order form this link: http://thetole.org/Shop/product/haze-asthma-tea/

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