Having low self esteem due to hair loss? Or being teased at dinners and functions by relatives and friends because of balding?

Are you experiencing hair loss be it due to Male Pattern Baldness or other common factors such as stress, lack of vitamins and so on…? Or even been to expensive hair transplant or growing treatment and then failed?

Such reasons or factors for hair loss can be overcome through regulating your energy also known as “chi flow” on a regular and consistent basis to the scalp and hair follicles. This is because, according to the ancient Chinese treatment for most of the diseases, problems arise when there is a blockage of chi flow.

And how do you improve the chi flow? There are a few ways whereby we at THETOLE can do it. Firstly, through our custom ancestral formulated tailored made herbs. What we at THETOLE can offer you is we can tailor make herbal medicines to improve your chi flow by just reading your pulse (of course you will have to visit our centre) or if you are staying overseas, we will be posing some questions to you and you have to answer truthfully. With the above information, the master physicians at THETOLE will get to know your overall body condition and then cater the ancestral herbal remedy according to your current body needs.

You may ask, “but it is treating my overall body and not my hair loss as per say. And it would take a longer time to see the effect”. I will be pulling your leg if I tell you that your hair will grow back in a few days. Because we are using herbal remedies and it will take a while say 30 days of consuming the herbal remedy to start seeing effects, nevertheless, the effects of the hair growing process will be longer lasting and on top of it, you will feel more energetic and livelier and the balance of hormones if compared previously.

The other way of stimulating chi flow is through acupuncture whereby we will insert tiny needles on your scalp to stimulate the chi flow. This process is more straight forward and possibly see a faster result. However, the growing process may not last that long if compared to consuming herbs. Hence, the best option is to undergo both acupuncture and herbal remedy concurrently to see a fast and lasting effect.

And what are you waiting for? Give THETOLE’s ancestral herbal remedy and acupuncture a TRY now and see how we can change your life to a better one. Gain back the self confidence you once lost. As per one of our newspaper coverage says, “Miracles do Happen at THETOLE”.

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