The month of June is normally the beginning of the Durian season in Malaysia and if you are in town, don’t miss this The King of Fruits. Normally grown in Southeast Asia, this fruit has strong odor and is high in Vitamin C. It is an extra-ordinary fruit but if eaten in moderation, it too can be a healthy fruit. Below are list of the benefits of the Durian Fruit.

1. Source of energy

One serving of this fruit is 243 grams and it covers about 20% of your daily needs for carbohydrates. Some people don’t eat those as part of a diet but runners, athletes, and people looking for some extra energy can find a good use for carbs. A measly five servings of this fruit will cover your entire day’s compliment of carbs.

2. High in Fiber content

One of the benefits of Durian fruit is its high fiber content. Each serving contains about nine grams of fiber which is 37% of your daily needs (based on a 2,000 calorie diet). That’s a whole bunch. There are a lot of fruit smoothies that can’t cover that in multiple servings

3. It’s high in fat and calories

That means it’ll fill you up. A single serving of Durian fruit contains over 350 calories and 13 grams of fat. Thankfully, it’s the good kind of fat so you don’t have to worry about that. However, we would recommend you not go too nuts because it’ll definitely pack on the pounds if you eat too much!

4. Durian fruit is high in vitamin C

That means you get all the benefits you’d otherwise get from vitamin C. That includes fighting off illnesses, aiding in healing wounds, helping lower cholesterol, and improve blood flow. There are a lot of health benefits of vitamin C and Durian fruit has a ton of it.

5. There are also quite a bit of vitamin B

Vitamin B has a bunch of health benefits. It helps keep free radicals at bay and has been linked to preventing aging and heart disease. It also boosts HDL (good cholesterol) and can even help improve serotonin levels which can improve your mood and ease depression. There are plenty of other benefits as well.

6. It’s high in iron and copper

Durians are high in iron and copper. Copper and iron is required in the formation and creation of healthy red blood cells. Durians also contain manganese which helps with bone and skin health.

7. Rich in potassium

Potassium is an important electrolyte that helps control blood pressure, keep your sodium levels in check, and helps regulate your heart rate. Durians have a bunch of it and it can be extremely helpful to your health.

8. Lots of folate for you!

Lastly, Durian fruits have a lot of folate otherwise known as folic acid. This can aid in preventing heart disease, fetal development (if you’re pregnant), and even helps the brain function properly. One serving contains about 20% of your daily requirement of folic acid.

Durian fruit has been around for hundreds of years but it’s just now starting to gain popularity especially among foreigners. There are a lot of health benefits but be sure you do not eat too much. It’s very rich in many things which include carbs, calories, and fat which can cause you to gain weight.

However, according to world renown Chinese physician, Master TOLE, that is not the case NOW. Through his very own research and observation, many of our friends or patients most people who take commercial durian regularly will get cancer. This is because for higher yield and profit, the unscrupulous commercial growers will use pesticides or chemicals; which is the main culprit for cancer diseases. He also says that during the older days when we use to buy durians in a bakul (loads), 75% of the durians will be inedible or rotten due to worms. But that isn’t the situation now as all the durians that you buy are now in good condition.

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