Types of Eczema

Eczema is a nonspecific term for many types of skin inflammation (dermatitis). There are different categories of eczema, which include allergic, contract, irritant and nummular eczema, which can be difficult to distinguish from atopic dermatitis.

There are several different types of eczema that you should know about:

  1. Atopic dermatitis

  2. Contact dermatitis

  3. Dyshidrotic eczema

  4. Nummular eczema

  5. Seborrheic dermatitis

  6. Stasis dermatitis

But, in some cases, eczema can also be caused by the allergies in skin sensitivity itself. Though there are several distinct types of eczema, it is possible to have more than on type at a time. All types of eczema cause itching and redness, but some may also cause your skin to blister, “weep” or peel.

Therefore, the purpose of the acupuncture treatment is to smooth out the immune system and detoxing whichever organ that is affected.

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