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Name : Madam M.

Age     : 48
Sex     : Female
Problem :Brain Memory – Memory Lost

Her brain memory lost presently and she cannot remember what was happening to her since 1991 but can remember before 1991. She always tired all the time and she always go to toilet once in an hour.  She comes from Sweden and has travel many place before this. She has Arabic and Swedish blood in her mother and father family.

She was tired all the time after been crush with car accident. She always going to the toilet every hour. She cannot remember what she takes on breakfast, lunch and dinner, even in 10 minutes before. She hardly to remember name and sometimes she will repeat the same question to anybody she meet.

Her family members are very concern for her and try to find other alternative treatment and to get her back as a normal person. She has been suffering and lost her brain memory for a long time and she can’t continue her life like that.

One of her sister-in-law friends was VIP patients in The Tole Acupuncture and he was suggests her sister-in-law to bring her to see Master. Master is a well-known Acupuncturist and Chinese Physician in Kuala Lumpur. He has cure many kind of incurable diseases in the world successfully. All of his patients were very satisfied after been cured by him. Magda’s sister-in-law was very happy on what she has heard and she really excited to bring her to see Master and tell him what has she suffering and all her problem and get cured from him as soon as possible.

On 19th May 2003, it is the first time Magda go to THE TOLE ACUPUNCTURE & HERBAL MEDICAL CENTREwithout doubt about Master skills for his cured of thousand of people around the world. Magda’s sister-in-law just wants her problem go away from her life forever. After being diagnosis by Master, he said that it is not too late to cure her and she will remember everything after this. Everyday she comes to do THE TOLE’S NEURO Acupuncture Brain Memory Treatment and Brain Memory herbal treatment to let the energy of NEURO Acupuncture and Brain Memory herbal eliminates her sickness and bring back her brain memory from the basic and balancing it.

She has to do some THE TOLE’S NEURO Acupuncture Brain Memory Treatment to keep Qi in the body balance and treats her problem and brain memory from the basic by regenerating his organ and Qi THROUGH THE USE OF HER BRAIN’S Qi. After 1 time treatment of acupuncture and taking herbal medicine, on the next day Master try to play with her brain memory and ask her what she has taken for lunch. She can remember what she drinks and eat. That was miracle and impressed her family.

After doing 1 time NEURO Acupuncture Brain Memory Treatment, her mind was 15% cured and her body not so tired like before. She need to continue more NEURO Acupuncture Brain Memory Treatment to strengthen back herbrain memory, body and fit it. Until 7 times doing NEURO Acupuncture Brain Memory Treatment, her brainmemory and sickness really improved. She can remember Master and everybody’s name and age, after so long she cannot remember anything. That was a great improvement to her and all her families were very happy on her changes.   Now everything is better and better.

Her sister-in-law has seen the quickest improvement compare to western doctor that she has been seen for many years.  She still has to continue taking Brain Memory herbs medicine to keep her brain memory and body maintain from any problem for a few more weeks.

Now she feels very thankful to the Master on what has he done to her. Before this, she never thinks that she can get back her brain memory. Her brain memory become better and better everyday. She can remember every conversation withMaster and her family. She also can remember what has she done for 2 minutes ago. She also can feel itch and pain on her body. Before this she likes to hurt herself because she cannot feel pain or itchy. She really thinks that Master Tole is like a miracle because he has brought back her brain memory to her life. She believes in Master Tole more then any thing in the world now.  She is grateful with her life now after being “reborn by our Master Tole”. Now she plan to went back to Sweden and try to remember the incident that has taken her brain memory.

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