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Patient Reviews on The Tole Acupuncture Treatment Cure

Name : Aishah
Age    : 20
Sex    : Female

Problem : Autism

“Jacky likes spinning things. His obsession has led him almost lost his fingers due to the truncated with the fan blades. The incident occurred during at grandpa’s house. Grandpa’s house doesn’t have ceiling fan because it is a village house. So, grandpa only uses table fan.

While playing with his toys in front of the television, Jacky suddenly run towards the fan located on the table then reaches the spinning fan blades. He was not crying at all. Everyone in the house was shocked and panic but Jacky still steady. He just kept silent and do not show any pain. Dad immediately brings Jacky to the clinic because his hand was bleeding. We felt so weird why Jacky didn’t cry. But, he will cry if we prohibit him from doing what he wants.

The matter being wondered until we meet a very famous Chinese Master. The Chinese Master is known as The Tole. He did some check up on jacky and found that Jacky suffered from autism syndrome. Jacky’s condition almost in the severe level. He needs to be treated immediately before the symptoms become difficult to be cured.

Thus, we obtain autism treatment from The Tole Chinese Master. Chinese Master runs acupuncture treatment on Jacky. Over nine months Jacky underwent autism acupuncture treatment with The Tole Chinese Master and took the herbal medicine called The Tole Brain Powder, he has reached 78% cure from autism syndrome. Jacky already looks like a normal kid. It’s so unexpected! We are very proud to have a very effective treatment from The Tole Chinese Master. He is so great!”

Liver Enlargement Neuro Acupuncture Treatment and Herbal Medicine Treatment

Name : Yong Y. L.
Age    : 32
Sex    : Male

Problem : Liver Enlargement

Mr. Yong was suffering from liver enlargement for almost a year. The X-Ray reports and the Ultrasound Scan indicated that his liver was moderately enlarged and showed a homogenous moderate increase in parenchymal echo texture suggestive of fatty infiltration. The test reports for his total protein (TP) was 8.2 g/dl, Albumin (ALB) was 5.2 g/dl, SGOT (AST) was 22, SGPT (ALT) were unusually higher then the normal values of 53 IU/L and his total bilirubin (T-bil) being 0.9 mg/dl, the Liver Enlargement size is about 40cm.

Mr. Yong needed urgent treatment. His friend, Mr. Hoo suggested him to get acupuncture treatment  from The Tole. Mr Hoo also suffer from the same Liver Enlargement problem before. He was totally cured after receiving full treatment from The Tole. Mr. Yong was really excited to get herbal medicine Treatment from Master.

The next day, he fixed an appointment at The Tole. He met Master and narrated his health problem. Master examined him and found that Mr. Yong’s energy was too weak and there was severe damage to his liver.Master assured him that he could help Mr. Yong using acupuncture treatment. Master would treat him with The Tole’s Neuro Acupuncture Treatment .

After meeting and discussing with Master, Mr. Yong was totally impressed with Master knowledge and his ability to treat people who were having all kinds of sickness. He did not know much about neuro acupuncture treatment . He only knew that acupuncture treatment started from China and it involved inserting thousand of needles to the body. That made him afraid of neuro acupuncture Treatment.

When Master first started neuro acupuncture Treatment on Mr. Yong, he was getting nervous and very afraid of the needles. After Master inserted the first needle to Mr. Yong’s body, he did not feel pain. ThenMaster proceeded with the second needle until eight needles were inserted into his body. He was totally surprised that neuro acupuncture Treatment was not painful as he had imagined.

There was improvement to his body after the first session of neuro acupuncture Treatment. He felt more healthy than before. Master instructed him to take two packet of herbal medicine per day. Mr. Yong must boil the herbs at home and drank it when warm. He must strictly follow Master’s advice to continue receiving neuro acupuncture Treatment and herbal Treatment if he wanted to be cured of his liver problems.

After a few neuro acupuncture Treatment and herbal Treatment, Mr. Yong then undergo another medical test. The medical lab report indicated that there were reduction in his total protein (TP) to 8.1 g/dl and his albumin (ALB) was also reduced to 4.6 g/dl. and his SGPT result rose to 59 IU/L. Other test results also indicated that his body was much better than before.

Mr. Yong wanted to continue his liver enlargement Treatment until he was satisfied with his condition. He could feel and see the fast improvement to his body. He felt that he was totally cured after receiving a month ofliver enlargement Treatment from Master. Master’s diagnosis of Mr. Yong confirmed that he was totally cured of liver problem.

All his family members were very happy with his recovery. They were very proud of Master and felt that Mr. Yong was very lucky because have met Master. If not, he would have suffered further enlargement of his liver and end up in early death. He decided to give Master a calligraphy drawing as a great present and as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement of Master’s truly superb talent.

He continued with his life without fear of sickness because he could always count upon Master to help him. Mr. Yong’s family members continued to receive advice and treatment from Master. They were very satisfied with the liver enlargement acupuncture Treatment and successes of Master as compared to any normal western clinic.

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